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Now’s the Time to Book Your Child’s Annual Physical

Many parents get in the habit of only scheduling their child’s annual physical before the school year, or at the start of sports season. This can be the busiest time of year, and it’s possible that you may not be able to schedule an appointment in time.

Did you know that your child can get their physical done now, and still have their results be accepted for the school year or sports season? Avoid the rush and schedule an appointment today!

Why are Physicals Important?

Even if your child doesn’t require a school or sports physical, an examination is an important part of monitoring their mental and physical development.

During the childhood years to their teenage years, our pediatricians ensure that everything is normal regarding their:

  • Vaccines. The doctor will ensure that your child is up to date on all required vaccines. This is an important part of protecting them from harmful diseases.
  • Physical development. Your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, visual acuity, and other important information will be recorded. If anything stands out or seems abnormal, dietary or treatment options can be discussed. More specifically, the physical exam will consist of:
    • A hearing test
    • Auditory examination of the heart to check for irregular rhythm
    • Visual examination of the back to check for spine curvature
    • Check of the abdomen for hernias
    • Lymph node exam to check for swelling
  • Mental development. The physician will ask about their socialization, self-esteem, ability to read and write, and if they have any difficulty concentrating. Any areas of concern can be addressed and follow up on during future visits.

How Often Should a Physical Be Performed?

In general, it’s recommended that children over the age of six years old receive a physical every one to two years. It is highly recommended that any children with the following issues receive a physical yearly:

  • Asthma
  • Persistent infections
  • Food allergies
  • Environmental allergies
  • Regular medication is required

There’s No Better Time Than Now! Schedule Your Child’s Physical

Don’t delay in scheduling your child’s appointment. Call Pediatrics of Northeastern Pennsylvania at (570) 346-1464 to get in touch with us!

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