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Driving Physicals in Scranton, PA

Get Your Driving Physical at Pediatrics of Northeastern Pennsylvania

In order for teens living in Pennsylvania to get their driving permit, they must complete a series of documents. One of these documents is a required physical exam.

At Pediatrics of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we are committed to helping all of our patients achieve their health goals in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our number one priority is the health of your child. Pediatrics of Northeastern Pennsylvania is able to blend the latest in health information technology, our years of pediatric experience and genuine compassion to deliver the finest medical care available for your child. We offer a variety of pediatric services for your child including driving physicals in Scranton, PA.

What is the Difference Between a Driving Physical and Other Types of Physicals?

The driving physical is unique because it specifically determines whether or not your child is fit to drive. This type of physical is very similar to any other, but will still need to be completed before the driver is able to obtain a permit to drive.

During the driving physical, your pediatrician will start by asking a series of questions, or having your child fill out a form to determine any preexisting conditions. The doctor will also check the patient’s blood pressure, vision, and hearing to make sure that all of these vital systems are working properly.

The objective of a driving physical is to conclude whether or not it is safe for your child to be on the road. You will need to bring a specific form with you to the appointment, which the pediatrician will complete as needed. This form is one of several documents that your child will need in order to get their driving permit.

Where Can My Child Get Their Driving Physical?

A driving physical may be performed within the Pediatrics of Northeastern Pennsylvania office. This examination is really quite simple, and is typically completed in approximately 1 hour or less if there are no concerns from the pediatrician.

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Whether it’s for school, sports, camp, or driving, physical exams play a vital role in monitoring your child’s health, growth, and development. To schedule your child’s driving physical with one of our pediatricians, please call Pediatrics of Northeastern Pennsylvania at (570) 346-1464.